Research Programs

New program initiatives under preparation (more information Markku Leskelä):


High-level research is an essential requirement for new technology, innovations and applications, as well as emerging businesses and it plays an important role in the activities of Forestcluster Ltd. The interaction between end-users, companies and researchers creates opportunities for identifying new lines of research and research fields, and for risk-taking. All this is made possible in the research and innovation programmes that are the core of activities in Forestcluster. The programs are a viable platform for international cooperation, too.

The Board of the Directors of Forestcluster Ltd takes the decisions on launching the strategic research and innovation programs. A research committee is responsible for planning and preparing the program structures, contents and goals.

The programs are carried out in close cooperation between the companies and research organizations. They are financed by the participants and by public funding organizations, such as Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation,the Academy of Finland and e.g. the EU framework programmes. The programs are an open platform for all companies, research institutes and universities that are able to offer high-quality expertise and competence in research and development work.

With its research and innovation programs, Finnish Forestcluster Ltd aims to create the most innovative development environment within the global forest cluster.